Agile Leadership

The ideal combination of leadership skills and mindset

Is your market environment increasingly characterised by complexity, contradictions, unpredictable fluctuations and uncertainties? Do you see organisational change as a burden? Are you interested in opening your inner attitude to the new, the unusual and the uncertain and in learning more about "Growth Mindset"?

If your organisation is moving towards agility, this means big changes, especially for managers. Agile transformations shift power relations, hierarchies are thought of differently and teams become more independent. The role of the leader changes from directive helmsman to context provider. Instead of prescribing the right course of action, leadership provides the framework in which teams can work as undisturbed as possible. Agile leadership is no longer legitimised by technical or professional expertise, but by agile leadership competence. An agile mindset makes leaders a role model and gives employees orientation and support even in difficult times.

Agile leaders manage the system, not the people

As an agile leader, you look at the whole system, not just individual employees. In our trainings we therefore deal with questions such as:

  • Do our communication channels support agility in the company?
  • Do the teams have the right skills?
  • Do I convey meaning and clear goals?
  • What motivates the people in my company?
  • How do we deal with mistakes?
  • Do we have the psychological security to talk about sensitive issues?

How you can develop an Agile Leadership personality

Learned behaviour is not so easily discarded or relearned. Big changes need time and perseverance. Therefore, in our projects on agile transformation, we often meet leaders who would like to live agility but keep falling back into old "non-agile" patterns. We support you in finding your way into your new role, discovering, questioning and reflecting on non-agile behaviour patterns.

Through the principle of helping people to help themselves, which we base our coaching on, we want to enable you to quickly develop the necessary changes yourself. As a manager, you are a critical success factor for the agile transformation of your company. We therefore work with you on the basis of agile values and principles on your inner attitude, your self-management, your understanding of your role and give you impulses and tools for this.

To the Spotlights

„We all have the opportunity to choose to be the leader we wish we had.“ — Simon Sinek

Our offers on Agile Leadership

If you want to know more about Agile Leadership, choose between:

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Spotlight: "Psychological safety" (2h)
Spotlight "Growth-Mindset" (2h)
Spotlight "Thinking in solutions as an agile attitude" (2h)
Spotlight "Systemic questioning techniques" (2h)
Spotlight "From a culture of mistakes to a culture of learning" (2h)
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Management 3.0 – The future of Agile Leadership

Transforming an entire company in an agile way to break down encrusted structures, silo thinking and entrenched hierarchies is much more complex than simply using agile methods or scaled agile frameworks. For this reason, trust the international top partner in agile transformation. Put your trust in KEGON.

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