Strategy development

Business Agility: A sustainable strategy, rather than a 5-year PowerPoint

Strategy development is a critical and decisive process for the entire company. Here, the course is set for long periods of time and guidelines are laid down for countless entrepreneurial decisions. We asked ourselves, if this process affects the whole company, why should it only be planned by a few or even externals?

In order to achieve business agility in the company, KEGON embraces the motto "Complexity to Success". The resulting KEGON C2S strategy process follows a collaborative and iterative approach. We view the creation of a strategy as an ongoing process. The development, but especially the adaptation of the corporate strategy takes place in recurring events. Current developments in the corporate environment (such as competitors, the overall market, etc.) are considered and incorporated into the strategy planning together with your team.

In this way, you and your employees, i.e. the people who really know your company, can contribute to its strategic orientation. Together, we create the most comprehensive alignment possible with the developed strategy in order to be able to implement it with a high level of acceptance and a broad basis.

Coaching instead of consulting

We rely on the principle of helping people to help themselves and aim to achieve the greatest possible impact through coaching interventions that are as targeted as possible. Our goal is to quickly enable you as a client to further develop the necessary changes in your organisation without consultants. We see ourselves as temporary coaches. At your side, we support you with our methodological knowledge and years of practical experience.

What do you have to do?

For the success of the agile transformation of large and medium-sized companies, the corporate culture and the associated people in management and technical responsibility are a critical success factor. A culture that welcomes dynamic change comes from an open-minded inner attitude and requires a willingness to work on oneself. And that precisely in the places where it hurts the most.

Companies are often convinced that they are already working in an agile way. However, the agile values and principles have not yet arrived in the culture of the organisation in any way. And this is where our strength lies. We accompany you on your way to becoming an agile company.

How do we proceed?

We analyse your specific strengths and weaknesses using our tools and experience, consult with you on the potentials and risks of an agile transformation and develop a custom-fit transition strategy and roadmap.

Are you ready to leave your classic corporate structure behind, adopt a new agile mindset and prepare your company for the future challenges of a constantly changing market?

Get to know the KEGON strategy development process as the basis for your business agility.

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